Introducing Dr. Marzano’s Teacher Evaluation and Leadership Evaluation Models

Bridging the gap between teacher evaluation, leadership evaluation, and student achievement

After nearly five decades of study around effective teaching and learning practices, Dr. Robert Marzano expands his acclaimed work with the Marzano Teacher Evaluation Model and his new School Leadership Evaluation Model.

For the first time, a research-based teacher evaluation model which identifies the direct cause-and-effect relationship between teaching practices and student achievement now works in alignment with a companion leadership evaluation model to facilitate a system-wide common language of instruction. Both models help teachers and leaders make the most informed decisions that yield the greatest benefits for their students.

With the Marzano Teacher Evaluation Model, a district can transform its teacher evaluation system from an exercise in compliance into an effective engine of incremental growth, one that reflects parallel gains between teacher assessment and student performance.

With the Marzano Leadership Evaluation Model, districts will develop effective school administrators with an unwavering focus on driving student achievement. The Marzano Leadership Evaluation Model provides principals and administrators with strategies and tools to empower their teachers, so leaders and teachers can focus together on the ultimate objective: improving student learning.

A New Era for Teacher Evaluation and Supervision

School districts are now perfectly poised to make courageous decisions that can change students’ futures by ensuring them access to an effective teacher in every classroom.

Strengths of Marzano's teacher evaluation model

A valid, reliable, defensible model

The Marzano Teacher Evaluation Model is founded on both historical studies and contemporary research to offer the most inclusive look at teacher effectiveness and development of expertise. Read more: Examining the Role of Teacher Evaluation in Student Achievement - Download PDF

Existing teacher evaluation models, despite being widely used, still lack agreement among observers when using the performance rating rubrics. In contrast, the Marzano Teacher Evaluation Model has been shown by independent studies to achieve significant inter-rater reliability, indicating a high level of agreement among observers that legacy models fail to produce.

The model also uniquely puts student achievement in the forefront as a non-negotiable goal for instruction. In the Marzano Teacher Evaluation Model, an effective teacher is not only one who continues to grow in his or her craft, but also one who can consistently help students grow. No other teacher evaluation model offers nearly the same level of emphasis on student achievement.

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Research: Examining the Role of Teacher Evaluation in Student Achievement - Download PDF | - Download PDF