Welcome Florida school district teacher and leadership evaluation redevelopment team members!

As an ongoing service to the Florida Department of Education (FLDOE), Learning Sciences International has prepared this Florida members area to provide updates on technical assistance plus a guide to available resources to help you implement your evaluation systems with fidelity. Within the Florida members' area, you will also find places to ask questions, consult with experts, and read blog topics and short papers related to your professional development.

Regardless of which frameworks your district has chosen, Learning Sciences provides technical assistance to align your model to FEAPs, MOU requirements, Race to the Top requirements, and state statutes.

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Current Technical Assistance:

Achieving District-Wide Inter-Rater Reliability

  • Onsite full-day support sessions: Achieving District-Wide Inter-Rater Reliability: A Systematic Process - Teacher Evaluation Technical Assistance. Click here to contact us and coordinate your session. Examine the need for setting expectations for observer competence, sample and measurement error, and for establishing a program for rigorous monitoring using your district data. Also, this session will include how inter-rater reliability connects to the implementation of teaching College and Career Ready Standards.

Planning for Sustainability

  • Virtual half-day support sessions: Planning for Sustainability- Teacher Evaluation Technical Assistance. Click here to register. School district administrators review their districts' progress and discuss the critical success factors toward progress.

    Audience: Superintendents, school district administrative staff, and supervisors of building principals.

Research References

  • White paper: Examining the Role of Teacher Evaluation in Student Achievement - PDF
  • Guidance in Reading Selected Research Documents for the Marzano Teacher Evaluation Model - PDF**Read this first. Then click here for a library of Marzano research documents.
  • Download Dr. Marzano's keynote address from the National Marzano Conference 2012 on the state of teacher evaluation here.


VIDEO Watch "Celebrating Teaching with Dr. Marzano". How teachers are using new evaluation systems for professional growth, and why they inspire us. Do you recognize yourselves?

Dr. Robert Marzano

Dr. Robert Marzano

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Learning Sciences Marzano Center

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