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Dr. Robert Marzano’s Teacher Evaluation Model Alignment to The New York State’s Teaching Standards

The New York State Board has adopted regulations that will implement a statewide teacher performance evaluation system that includes multiple measures of educator effectiveness.

The New York State Education Department has approved Teacher Practice Rubrics including Dr. Robert Marzano’s Causal Teacher Evaluation Model. Read the Press Release

The new law establishes a Teacher evaluation system for all classroom teachers in the state of New York. The goal of this new teacher evaluation system is to help New York educators improve their practice by aligning professional development and coaching to the specific needs and recognizing outstanding teaching.

One of the critical steps involved in the implementation of the regulations involves The New York State Education Department (NYSED) issuing a Request for Qualifications (RFQ) seeking teacher evaluation rubrics. Learning Sciences International provided the NYSED with a document that aligns Dr. Marzano’s Causal Teacher Evaluation Model to the Seven State Teaching Standard Elements Below:

I. Knowledge of Students and Student Learning

II. Knowledge of Content and Instructional Planning

III. Instructional Practice

IV. Learning Environment

V. Assessment for Student Learning

VI. Professional Responsibilities and Collaboration

VII. Professional Growth

Download the alignment document to see how The Marzano Teacher Evaluation Model provides a means for teachers to translate New York Teaching Standards into their daily practice.

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