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Dr. Robert Marzano’s Teacher Evaluation Model Alignment to Oklahoma's Criteria for Effective Teaching

The Oklahoma State Department of Education has adopted a set of state-wide teaching standards titled Oklahoma's Criteria for Effective Teaching.

Oklahoma’s Criteria for Effective Teaching outlines teaching standards for all classroom teachers in the state of Oklahoma. The goal of this new set of teaching standards is to help Oklahoma educators improve their practice by focusing on important factors such as classroom management, instruction, planning and student achievement.

One of the critical steps involved in the implementation of state wide teaching standards is an accurate evaluation model based on a common language of instruction. This insures accurate evaluation and a set of proven teaching strategies that will help teachers improve on areas that need focus. Learning Sciences International has developed a document for Oklahoma that aligns Dr. Marzano’s Causal Teacher Evaluation Model to the state's Criteria for Effective Teaching listed below:

I. Practice: Observable behaviors exhibited by the teacher.

  • A. Teacher Management Indicators
  • B. Teacher Instructional Indicators

II. Products: Tangible results of the teaching process.

  • A. Teacher Product Indicators
  • B. Student Achievement Indicators

Download the alignment document to see how The Marzano Teacher Evaluation Model provides a means for teachers to translate Oklahoma’s Criteria for Effective Teaching into their daily practice.

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