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A New Era of Teacher Evaluation

In 2011, Oklahoma state law (70 O.S. § 6-101.16) established the Oklahoma Teacher and Leader Effectiveness Evaluation System (TLE). The new evaluation system for teachers and leaders is designed to encourage continuous professional growth leading toward improved student achievement for all Oklahoma students. According to state law, all local board of education evaluation policies must align with the TLE by the 2013-2014 school year.

The Marzano Teacher Evaluation Model has been approved as one of three recommended teacher evaluation models. Learning Sciences International will provide technical assistance for all Oklahoma school districts planning to implement the Marzano Model.

School districts have a historic opportunity to redevelop their teacher evaluation systems to create aligned, rigorous, and fair processes that support teacher growth and development. It is critical that early decisions incorporate contemporary research and deep alignment to OSDE requirements so that teacher evaluation systems will work in concert with professional development systems and student achievement data.

See what others are saying about the Marzano Teacher Evaluation Model:

A Yukon school district focus group compared the Marzano Teacher Evaluation Model with the Tulsa Public Schools Model. See their reflections and a slide comparison.

View more experience videos from Leon County on YouTube

About Dr. Robert Marzano’s Causal Teacher Evaluation Model:

The primary purpose of teacher supervision and evaluation should be to enhance teacher effectiveness through the growth, development, and support of teachers to increase student learning gains.

The Marzano Teacher Evaluation Model identifies a direct cause-and-effect relationship between elements in the model and student learning.

More than 500 studies have validated that the Marzano Model helps teachers raise student achievement in rural, suburban, and urban environments. Developed over five decades of research, the Marzano Model allows districts or individual schools to select two or three strategies to focus on each year. Professional development is aligned to support teachers as they learn to use the strategies. The model offers school administrators clear, easy-to-use scoring rubrics to provide targeted feedback on teachers’ implementation.

A Focus on Classroom Practice

The Marzano Teacher Evaluation Model uses a unique, granular approach that offers very specific feedback to teachers on teaching strategies. The model focuses on Domain 1, Classroom Strategies and Behaviors. These strategies have the greatest impact on improving instruction, which, in turn, translates to student achievement and growth over time.

The Marzano Model is:

  • Accurate. Offers high levels of inter-rater reliability, ensuring fairness and accuracy in teacher evaluation.
  • Results-oriented. Provides specific, focused feedback and a library of resources to help teachers improve and achieve mastery in an array of instructional practices.
  • Proven. Is validated by decades of data analysis and on-site experimental/control studies in real classrooms correlating strategies to student achievement.
  • Supportive. Consultants provide ongoing, in-depth training and scalable programs rooted in research to transform theory into practice. Visit our Oklahoma Support page.

For a full overview of the Marzano Teacher Evaluation Model prepared for the Oklahoma State Department of Education, download our white paper now.

Download the Oklahoma Whitepaper

Alignment to OSDE Standards

Learning Sciences International has developed a document for Oklahoma that aligns Dr. Marzano’s Teacher Evaluation Model to the state's Criteria for Effective Teaching.

Download the alignment document to see how The Marzano Teacher Evaluation Model provides a means for teachers to translate Oklahoma’s Criteria for Effective Teaching into their daily practice.

Products & Services: Read about available Implementation and Redevelopment Services.

Observer Certification: Learn about our Observer Proficiency Certification Program to promote accuracy, reliability, and fairness.

Research References

  • White paper: Examining the Role of Teacher Evaluation in Student Achievement - PDF
  • Guidance in Reading Selected Research Documents for the Marzano Teacher Evaluation Model - PDF**Read this first. Then click here for a library of Marzano research documents.
  • An overview of the four domains of the Marzano Causal Teacher Evaluation Model - Dr. Marzano's four domains
  • Teacher and Leader Effectiveness Commission: Marzano Teacher Evaluation Model Selection Criteria- PDF
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Dr. Marzano on the role of research in selecting a teacher evaluation model

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