A Cause-and-Effect Relationship to Student Achievement

Dr. Marzano’s Teacher Evaluation Model is based on his acclaimed Art and Science of Teaching framework and the meta-analytic research he has conducted over the past several decades.

The first of its kind, this teacher evaluation model is not only based on studies that correlate instructional strategies to student achievement, but is also grounded on experimental/control studies that establish a direct causal link between elements of the model and student results. Read more: Examining the Role of Teacher Evaluation in Student Achievement

The Marzano Teacher Evaluation Model identifies a complete set of practices directly related to improved student performance, organized into four domains that develop teacher expertise. (See the chart below.)

Each domain builds on the previous one with direct links to create a causal chain that results in increased learning and achievement for all students. This direct causal effect between elements of the model and student achievement is validated by data analysis from experimental/control studies.

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Research base and validation studies for the Marzano Teacher Evaluation Model:

  • More than 5,000 studies across five decades
  • More than 2 million books distributed to K-12 educators across the nation
  • Correlation studies that connect teaching practices to student achievement
  • Causation studies that establish a direct link between the model and student results
  • Read more: Examining the Role of Teacher Evaluation in Student Achievement

The four domains: Learn more about Dr. Marzano’s four domains

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