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iObservation® is a web-based learning and performance management system. It is the only official technology system approved by Dr. Robert Marzano to digitize his Teacher Evaluation Model.

Any technology platform can collect and report on data, but that’s not enough to meet current demands for greater accountability for results. iObservation digs deeper by empowering teachers and leaders to respond to that data in ways that develop professional growth to ultimately benefit students.

Schools and districts receive electronic tools that:

  • Establish a common language with the Marzano Teacher Evaluation Model
  • Send immediate observation feedback to teachers
  • Create a forum for continuing conversations with colleagues
  • Encourage the sharing of resources and co-development of tools
  • Focus teaching on thin slices of instruction to incrementally improve practice
  • Allow teachers to create growth plans and monitor their progress
  • Provide access to hundreds of on-demand professional development resources aligned to the Marzano Model
  • Broaden feedback sources for teacher with peers, coaches, and department chairs

Developing teacher expertise – one strategy at a time

Even with the best intentions and effort, it would be nearly impossible for teachers to tackle all elements of effective teaching at once and achieve mastery. But it is reasonable to expect that teachers should grow every year in at least one or two strategies. iObservation provides the tools that help teachers achieve focus for incremental professional growth to make a profound impact on student achievement gains.

If every teacher in your district incrementally improves in only one or two instructional strategies every year for 10 years, then you can be confident that the cumulative effect will be significant gains in student achievement.

Source: Effective Supervision: Supporting the Art and Science of Teaching (2011), Marzano and Frontier, and Striking the Right Balance: Leadership that Works (2009), Marzano and Waters

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