Teacher Evaluation

Getting Started: Leadership Commitment to Students

As district and school leaders, you have the power to influence the most important factor in raising student achievement by ensuring that every student has equal access to an effective teacher.

To support that goal, school leaders must have a verified and systematic way to monitor, assess, and support instructional practice.

It takes a committed and courageous team of experts to redevelop a teacher evaluation system. You have that team of skilled professionals at the local level who best understand the district culture and needs.

The expert consultants at Learning Sciences International can partner with your local team to bring the most current research-based practices in the development of expertise so that you can confidently reach your goals.

All of our products and services are tightly aligned to specific elements within the Marzano Teacher Evaluation Model, providing an integrated solution that establishes a common language of instruction across your district.

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The critical first step in redeveloping your teacher evaluation system requires thoughtful planning. It’s important to include key stakeholders in the learning journey and decision-making process. Our highly qualified experts will help you gain confidence in the content and validity of the Marzano Teacher Evaluation Model and the deep body of research that supports it. We guide you through developing sound policies and procedures while addressing potential challenges.

Once key members are trained in the Marzano Teacher Evaluation Model, your staff will be introduced to the new evaluation system through a communication plan that may include focus groups, live webinars, and online training. Professional development is available for teachers, teacher leaders, instructional coaches, and all building staff.

As your partner, we are not only responsible for helping you achieve results with short-term implementation, but also for building your capacity to sustain and continually adapt this model for years to come. In addition to onsite and online training for evaluators, non-evaluative observers, and teachers, we also offer a certification program for local staff developers. This powerful program series taps into your internal skilled professionals to provide turnaround training for the teaching staff, making it a cost-effective and viable long-term professional development solution for your district.

State ServicesDistrict Services

We offer customized solutions for statewide implementation that include deep alignment to your teaching standards, detailed needs analysis, substantial technical assistance, online tools and resources, and continued support.

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Is your district the leading force for change? If so, then we can be your partner for innovation to make a lasting impact on the learning and achievement of your students. We offer integrated solutions to support your efforts as you engage in the redevelopment of your teacher evaluation system.

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