Oklahoma Observer Certification

Adopting the Marzano Causal Teacher Evaluation Model? Our Observer Proficiency Certification Program promotes accuracy, reliability, and fairness.

Oklahoma Requirements for Certification of Classroom Observers

All Oklahoma School districts are required to begin training observers in their selected evaluation model during the spring and summer of 2012. The objective is to ensure fairness and accuracy of observation.

According to OSDE: All framework providers must provide intense, high-level training to ensure effective evaluation. Framework providers must also certify each evaluator at the end of the training session. Prior to conducting evaluations, school and district administrators must pass an evaluation test based on the framework’s specific training.

Learning Sciences International offers focused, research-based training programs for observer proficiency certification in the Marzano Causal Model, all of which meet OSDE requirements. Our observer proficiency certification program is key to every teacher receiving fair and objective evaluations.

Steps to Certification

  • Training in Domain 1: Classroom Strategies and Behaviors. Three-day training session. An overview of the nine design questions and 41 teaching strategies. Interactive and reflective activities help principals and coaches optimize growth for the teachers in their schools. Participants will develop practical observation skills through classroom video practice. (summer)
  • Training in inter-rater reliability. Three-day session. To achieve accurate evaluation results, multiple observers ought to be able to score the same lesson with reliable results. Session focuses on building capacity towards rater agreement and stresses the nuances between scale ratings. (fall)
  • Training in iObservation. Three half-day sessions. Participants have hands-on experience encouraging familiarity with the Domain 1 content. Learn how iObservation can enhance leader productivity and help maintain focus on supporting instructional growth. (fall)
  • Observer Proficiency Certification. One or two half-day sessions. Participants review video footage to identify elements, apply scales to score each element, and provide a rationale for each score. Participants who pass the assessment will be awarded a three-year certification from Learning Sciences. Districts may then document that personnel have received training and been certified. (spring)

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