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National Institute for Professional Practice

Master of Science in Education: Major in the Art and Science of Teaching

Bringing together more than 40 years of research and proven teaching strategies, the National Institute for Professional Practice, Wilkes University, and Dr. Robert Marzano have joined forces to offer the nation's only Masters degree in the Art and Science of Teaching.

Dr. Marzano designed the Art and Science of Teaching graduate program to equip K-12 teachers with the strategies and skills that translate into measurable changes in the classroom and result in increased student achievement. This innovative degree program was designed for immediate and real-world classroom application.

The National Institute for Professional Practice is a division of Learning Sciences International devoted to graduate education for professional educators. A master’s degree from Wilkes University carries the prestige of a nationally respected and accredited university. With a fully dedicated staff and attentive faculty at the National Institute, students receive personal and individual support unparalleled by any other institution.

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Learn more about this exclusive program and how it will develop expert teachers and increase student achievement. Visit the National Institute for Professional Practice or call 1.888.235.6555, Option 1.

Dr. Robert Marzano

Dr. Robert Marzano

Author, Researcher, Executive Director

Learning Sciences Marzano Center

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