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Aug. 15, 2011

Technology Platform Supports Two NYSED-Approved Rubrics

Learning Sciences International

iObservation by Learning Sciences International is the only technology platform that supports three NYSED- approved practice rubrics with those by Danielson, Dr. Marzano.

As part of its Race to the Top initiative, the New York State Education Department (NYSED) recently approved a list of teacher and principal practice rubrics. iObservation is the only technology platform that supports two of the most widely respected and renown education frameworks that can meet the needs of NYSED: Charlotte Danielson Framework for Teaching, Dr. Robert Marzano Teacher Evaluation Model.

Created by Learning Sciences International, iObservation is more than a technology tool to collect, manage and report data. It enables school districts to use the data to drive leadership behavior and teaching practices to directly affect student achievement and lead to student learning gains.

“iObservation streamlines the observation, data collection and evaluation process,” says Michael Toth, CEO of Learning Sciences International. “By conducting and documenting teacher and leader evaluations in the same technology platform, you give principals the tools to help them complete annual professional performance reviews (APPR) with accuracy while alleviating the burdens associated with separate systems.”

iObservation aligns professional development plans, rubrics and forms, instructional videos, and teacher tools to the teacher and leader evaluation process in one convenient web-based software. iObservation transforms the evaluation process to one that promotes continuous growth and improvement as it relates to student achievement.

“Basing 40% of a New York educator’s evaluation score on student learning makes delivering immediate feedback and targeted resources to help teachers improve more crucial than ever,” says Toth. “iObservation gives evaluators the ability to use a laptop or iPad to send feedback and specific professional development resources to a teacher upon completing a walkthrough or classroom observation.”

Learning Sciences International is currently working with New York districts and BOCES as they prepare to pilot a new teacher evaluation system this fall.

About Learning Sciences International
Learning Sciences International is the nation’s leading provider of web-based and on-site solutions for professional development and performance management in education. With the most innovative approach to learning success, Learning Sciences International offers an array of products and services for educators that measures and manages growth and effectiveness throughout the process.

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